Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Wembley Bound!

Well the football season is nearly at an end, for some it finished 3 weeks ago for other it never really got started but for West Bromwich Albion we have one match which will define our season. Win and we are in the Premiership, and everything has been worth while:-)))) Lose and we might well have ended the season in 16th place because we will still be in the championship and have another season to work hard to get out of it again. Admittedly we will win more games score more goals and be higher up the league in the Championship but its not the Premiership now is it????????
On another note we only have about three more nights living in this house before we move it feels wierd moving again but it has nearly always seemed more like a hotel than a home as we have always thought that we would be moving on soon and that is what we are doing and very very soon!
So lets hope for a fantastic couple of weeks witha WBA win and a easy move down the road.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

The BLOG goes live!

Today has been busy, well busy for me, a trip into Central london, two meetings and a new project to start. WHAT! I hear you say I thought you were moving soon? Well I am and looking forward to sitting in my new studio working away on my new book to illustrate- SEWING IN NO TIME by Emma Hardy. I am looking forward to it as it will give me something to get my teeth into and also it will take the worry out of getting any new work in while i move and holiday ( and do the garden and start that DIY and do some sewing!) But today is is also the day that my blog will go live on my website thanks to all at www.pageworks.co.uk who have worked very hard and at great expense to themselves to get the website up and running especially as the Baggies are leading 3-2 in the play-off semi-finals. Thanks boys and Fixx

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Balearics! to you mate!

So I have been asked to do a set of maps of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera to you that is a whole load of Balearics! But as the weather changes again to rain it will be nice to think of the warm sun on those lovely Islands. Not sure how i am doing them yet but something in the style of the Spain map for Value Retail.

My car is still at the car hospital about to fail its MOT and cost me more money but the house purchase is all on track so cardboard boxes at the ready and a load of old paper.

No new work coming through yet so i sit and think Balearics.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Where in the world today!

Well that is a question i ask regularily, Where in the world am I today? Well in fact having spent yesterday in Llangollen (artistically that is) doing a map for someones wedding invitation, This morning I find myself in the Balearic Islands courtesy of Traveller magazine and Spainish tourist board. Not sure yet how I am doing these maps but I will get a better Idea at the end of the day. After that I am back to the uk to find out about local produce from around the UK for Asda Magazine. After that I am not sure.
Good and bad news on my Car it is finally being repaired with Audi paying about 50% of the costs but still going to leave me 2 grand out of pocket. We have exchanged on our house last week so will be moving in about 4 weeks, yikey that soon.

For the petrol or should i say diesel heads amongst you here is a picture of my engine :-(