Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder what can i say, I saw him last night for the 4 and probably final time live on stage. As ever he sings hit after hit after hit then when you leave you think of all the hits that he didn't sing. For me the first la lalala la at the beginning of 'My Cherie amour' take me way back to maybe late 60's early 70's when i was just starting to listen to music on the radio and from then on it just becomes a sound track to your life, highs lows you name it Stevie Wonder has been singing in your head for all those years. For me and millions of others he has created the sound track to our lives the last 35 years have been filled with Stevie's songs. Who'd believe that a blind black kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Detroit could bring so much joy to people-does that at least give us all hope.
Thanks Stevie its been a great journey long may it continue for you.
The pic above was taken by myself at a concert in Belgium in summer 1981- never have i been so close to a musical genius.