Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wembley Wembley

Saturday morning at wembley and what have we got instore for us. Early on the crowd is subdued but as kick off nears the atmosphere grows and the baggies are making more noise.I like many are expecting a tight game and probably few clear chances. Portsmouth defense is strong and attack is weak but time will tell.
First half over we seemed to have most of the play and the better chances we need though to get a goal to make all that pressure count. I think it will be a different second half.
Well its all over and wembley is a sad place to be again. A Manu goal 10 mind in the second half was enough and in the end the extra strenght and experience was on evidence for Portsmouth but then they are 6th in the prem.for west brom the bright lights of Blackpool becon and a place in the premiership hopefully.