Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Finally at home

At last I have settled at my wooden desk again, pens and paints at the ready, and work to be getting on with or at least I think I have. My studio is taking shape, maybe not the shape that I would like but at least some sort of shape. I will post some pics of the new house when i get settled and maybe when the sunshines again.
Having moved has probably made me more unsettled because again we are putting down roots while for the last 7 years we have been moving and intending to move so I have always felt transiant(is it spelt like that?). But now we have settled i feel concerned and have been feeling nostalgic for the days gone past. Maybe unpacking boxes from 7 years ago also makes me feel a little strange as life has changed so much since then and the emphasis on things is so different, what with a family and getting older. I would so much love to capture some of those feeling and passion for life and art I had as a student, the willingness to learn and try new things, the inspiration you took from the most simplest of things.
So if you are feeling the same way too let me know maybe we can have a beer and wander down memory lane.(if only I could put that on a map)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

lost in cyber space or not!

Sorry to all you readers of my blog but things have not been running smoothly with my internet access and so havent been able to catch up on my blog. I have been promised broadband again by the end of this week so maybe i will be able to fill you all ib then, so sorry until I get back on line properly. Michaelxx