Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Look of Love

The Look of Love hit UK cinemas earlier this year and saw renowned comedian, Steve Coogan ( with great hair), playing controversial ‘sex entrepreneur’ and property baron, Paul Raymond. Much of the movie is filmed around Soho, where Raymond’s successful empire was based. As part of the publicity for the film, I was commissioned by The Online Studio to produce a map illustrating the filming locations. 

Creating this map reminded me how much Soho has changed since i started visiting for work in the mid 80's when still some of the remains of the Raymond empire was still in full view, where once we had seedy sex shows we now have Bespoke Hotels such as the new Ham Yard Hotel opposite the old Windmill theatre for which I am creating a map.

Chow Down in Sao Paulo

I recently produced a series of maps for bespoke travel company Plan South America and now the South American theme continues with a commission from leading newspaper, the Wall Street Journal. I was delighted to be asked to produce and illustrate a map of the wonderful city of Sao Paulo for the front cover of the weekend section Off Duty. The map depicts various eateries featured in a piece whereby renowned chef Alex Atala offers a guided tour of the city and its culinary excellence. He discusses the best places to find fabulous food in a fabulous location. Sao Paulo definitely has something for the adventurous foodies, what with one restaurant, DOM, serving ants. Yes, actual ants. Although, surely you’d need a lot of them to feel full? Perhaps they’re served as a side dish.