Thursday, 3 July 2008

How time flies!!

I can't believe it has been so long since i last posted anything on my blog. The time has gone so quickly, so what have i been doing? Working mainly and as i like lists i thought i might add one to my blog so here is a list of the work i have been working on over the last couple of months.
Motor Caravan-map of Welsh Walk
British Airways magazine-maps of Spain,Literary festivals,music festivals and Island holidays.
Organic Gardening - map of St louis( louis take to the fair)
I plan of the PR structure at BT
Map of Italy for Food and Travel
Regional foods for Asda Magazine
I finish off a book for Cico Publishing on Tree top decorations ( roll on christmas again)
And started and finished another book for Cico on Green wiccan ( roll on Halloween)
I did a map for the construction company Atkins off structures in Scotland
Organic Gardening came back for a map of Buffalo NY
While a Casino in Sant Ynez California ( location for film Sideways) wanted a map of the local Vineyards
Taschen the well known German published wanted me to complete a large map of Paris and now want one of London too
CN Traveller asked for black and white outline map of the sardinia coast
While English Heritage asked politely for some maps of Roman Britain
Country Homes and Interiors have asked to do a series of step=by steps for there website which i must look at and get the link on here.
Martha Stewart Magazine commissioned me to do a garden plan
Firmdale hotel group have asked for a map of there new hotel in NYC-Crosby Street Hotel
and that is it except one.
A really really nice project for a really nice client in Texas which i should tell you about separately next time.

so i hope you liked the list.!