Thursday, 9 August 2012

Short Walks from Bogota

Keep an eye out for Tom Feiling’s new book, ‘Short Walks from Bogota’, published by Penguin. Tom is a writer, journalist and documentary film-maker, who has travelled through Columbia to write the book. His aim was to paint a modern picture of Columbia and grant his readership access to one of the world’s least understood countries. Amongst others, he talks to the nomadic tribe, who, in times gone by, believed they were the only people on earth.
‘Short Walks from Bogota’ is an eye-opening piece of travel writing. Like many others, I never knew much about Columbia before and I confess, I didn’t think I was especially interested either. But when Penguin commissioned me to produce an illustrated map for the book, I thought I better do my research. A great read and another map to add to my hand drawn maps portfolio. Result.
Here is a link to Tom Feiling’s website, where you can find out more about the book and about him generally:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Bit Greasy

"My favourite skin care product maker, Vaseline®  through agency TMW(London) commissioned Michael A Hill to draw maps of seven UK city shopping areas in order to show that during a trip to the city centre or Mall, people walk further than they might realise.  The maps will be used at a series of events to recruit entrants for Cancer Research UK's Race For Life events (Vaseline is a corporate partner in the campaign).  Race for Life holds women only races all over the UK to fundraise for Cancer Research, so far raising over £457 million.  In order to encourage those who might feel daunted by the challenge of a 1k,5k or 10k run,  these maps demonstrate that wandering up and down the high street really clocks up the miles.  Hey, it's almost like real training.  The maps (including London, Manchester and Glasgow) can be seen on the Vaseline website and Facebook page.  Hard copies will also be distributed at special recruiting events and some are being used as banner ads to encourage even more to take part."

Take a Taco Tour

Street food is having a moment, especially in LA.  TV channel Food Network TV commissioned Michael A Hill to draw a couple of maps showing the locations of the top snack trucks.   LA's proximity to Mexico means that it boasts some of the best Taco trucks in the States.  But other nationalities are also on the scene.  One map  tells you how to locate the "Korean taco barbecue movement".  Folks, you heard it here first.  My maps are a mix of hand drawing and photoshopped images,  intentionally bright and bold to reflect the painted images on the taco trucks themselves.