Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Michael Hill illustrates Qatar Inflight magazine-Oryx

Having recently produced maps for British Airways In flight magazine High Life, Michael Hill has been approached by a Dubai based publisher to illustrate a travel feature on Rural France. A double page map (above) and a series of spots accompanied the article by Alexandria Gouveia in the Oryx magazine for Qatar Airways.

Monday, 24 November 2008

illustrations for German Fashion Company Hakro

Last week I produced two maps for a very nice Fashion company based in a small town in southern Germany. The company called Hakro (www.hakro.com) produce a catalogue and wanted some lovely maps to fill the opening spreads to show the location of the shoots they had done in Berlin. The advertising agency and its director, Sven were also great to work for, very understanding and open to creative ideas from the illustrator. Hopefully we will all be able to work together again on another project?? but in the meantime Thanks Sven!

Monday, 3 November 2008

9 images by Michael Hill - Illustrator

I am posting these few samples of work from the last few months so you can get a flavour of the illustration work that I have been doing. I have illustrated step-by-steps, maps, gardens, trees and many other things. The illustrated map of London was for Taschen books, The Pot Pourri, Glitter bird, and Pumpkins were for Cico Books. The Cottage was for Southern Living Magazine in the US, the Garden plan was for Martha Stewart Living magazine and finally the tree was for HR Management magazine. Oh yes, missed one- the cover of Texas architect was for you guessed Texas Architect. If you want to see more of my work then look at my website www.michaelahill.com Thank you.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder what can i say, I saw him last night for the 4 and probably final time live on stage. As ever he sings hit after hit after hit then when you leave you think of all the hits that he didn't sing. For me the first la lalala la at the beginning of 'My Cherie amour' take me way back to maybe late 60's early 70's when i was just starting to listen to music on the radio and from then on it just becomes a sound track to your life, highs lows you name it Stevie Wonder has been singing in your head for all those years. For me and millions of others he has created the sound track to our lives the last 35 years have been filled with Stevie's songs. Who'd believe that a blind black kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Detroit could bring so much joy to people-does that at least give us all hope.
Thanks Stevie its been a great journey long may it continue for you.
The pic above was taken by myself at a concert in Belgium in summer 1981- never have i been so close to a musical genius.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Running for Charity

I have in the past run Marathons to raise money for Charity which has been in the £ 1000's but now i am doing a more modest run and probably by the time you read this it will be completed but that does not stop you sponsoring me to the tune of a couple of pounds to help Cancer Research Go on press the button.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

How time flies!!

I can't believe it has been so long since i last posted anything on my blog. The time has gone so quickly, so what have i been doing? Working mainly and as i like lists i thought i might add one to my blog so here is a list of the work i have been working on over the last couple of months.
Motor Caravan-map of Welsh Walk
British Airways magazine-maps of Spain,Literary festivals,music festivals and Island holidays.
Organic Gardening - map of St louis( louis take to the fair)
I plan of the PR structure at BT
Map of Italy for Food and Travel
Regional foods for Asda Magazine
I finish off a book for Cico Publishing on Tree top decorations ( roll on christmas again)
And started and finished another book for Cico on Green wiccan ( roll on Halloween)
I did a map for the construction company Atkins off structures in Scotland
Organic Gardening came back for a map of Buffalo NY
While a Casino in Sant Ynez California ( location for film Sideways) wanted a map of the local Vineyards
Taschen the well known German published wanted me to complete a large map of Paris and now want one of London too
CN Traveller asked for black and white outline map of the sardinia coast
While English Heritage asked politely for some maps of Roman Britain
Country Homes and Interiors have asked to do a series of step=by steps for there website which i must look at and get the link on here.
Martha Stewart Magazine commissioned me to do a garden plan
Firmdale hotel group have asked for a map of there new hotel in NYC-Crosby Street Hotel
and that is it except one.
A really really nice project for a really nice client in Texas which i should tell you about separately next time.

so i hope you liked the list.!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wembley Wembley

Saturday morning at wembley and what have we got instore for us. Early on the crowd is subdued but as kick off nears the atmosphere grows and the baggies are making more noise.I like many are expecting a tight game and probably few clear chances. Portsmouth defense is strong and attack is weak but time will tell.
First half over we seemed to have most of the play and the better chances we need though to get a goal to make all that pressure count. I think it will be a different second half.
Well its all over and wembley is a sad place to be again. A Manu goal 10 mind in the second half was enough and in the end the extra strenght and experience was on evidence for Portsmouth but then they are 6th in the prem.for west brom the bright lights of Blackpool becon and a place in the premiership hopefully.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Chic Outlet Shopping® I have it mapped!

Today I had a very nice meeting with Lolita Cortes and Julia Rush from Value Retail. The meeting went well but after I drew my attention to the companies website http://www.chicoutletshopping.com on this website my illustrated maps are show cased throughout the site from an animated map on the home page to a DVD and a flash presentation. Have a look how my work has been used then get down to one of the villages and shop shop shop!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Wiccan illustrations

What is Wiccan I asked myself when I was asked to do some drawings for a new book. So if you want to know more about this little known religion have a look at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicca

So I am now working on the book and have some nice sketches i thought that i might share with you. So for all you christian-paganist followers of Gerald Gardener here are some pretty illustartions.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bespoke Maps for Individuals

I have discovered that at www.mapsillustrated.com you are able to commission bespooke maps for presents or gifts that are at a very reasonable price. These maps are not for use in publications but as pieces of artwork or prints to hang on your walls or give away as gifts. These start at about £ 100.00 for a black and white map and go upto about £ 500.00 if you want a full colour detailed map. They make a fantastic present or memory of a time/place, honeymoon or special place. Have a look and see what you think.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Dinner Time

Last Friday I attended the Brighton and Hove Estate Agents Annual dinner with an invite from Barrie Alderton Estate Agents. It is always a strange place to find myself amongst Estate Agents and property people but with the guest speaker of Frank Carson the whole evening turned out to be great fun. So Thanks Barrie, Geraldine and Victoria for inviting me to the evening and farewell to Danielle Blakeley who has looked after my Brighton Letting Portfolio for the past three years, hope you have a good time in Manchester. For those who don't believe i can ever look smart here is a photo of most of our table at the pre-dinner drinks. Cheers!