Saturday, 29 December 2007

Michael A Hill Illustration Wishes

Christmas 2007 has now past and we are still waiting for 2008 to start but what will 2008 bring for me as an Illustrator? Maybe looking backwards into 2007 will give me a clue to what will happen in 2008. The main pieces of work that i did in 2007 included a book for Cico Books and The Chic Guide to Shopping for Value Retail plc. The first Illustration assignments that i start 2008 are the same so hopefully next year will continue as the last finished. It is difficult to imagine where the new work will be coming from but i know that new work will be coming from. I have a new client working for Martha Stewart Living magazine doing garden plans but never sure how long these commissions will last for.Hopefully 2008 will be filled with many new commissions and many new clients. So wishing you all a Wonderful New Year. mx

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Michael's Genuine

I was recently doing a map of Miami and Coral Gables for one of my clients and was asked to include a restaurant called Michael's in Miami. I had a look at the web-site and found that i would happily eat there on my next visit to Miami.The design of the website was great and the menu was full of so many interesting ideas. so if you can recommend a restaurant on name, web-site and menu this is the place.

While searching things in Miami i came across another site that was basically a forum for people interested in type and now i can find it again, but i did find these images tat i liked so i am going to share these with you.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Wishing everyone, whoever, whatever or where ever you are in the world a fantastic and wonderful Christmas time. Peace , Love and Happiness to you all. The illustrations above are by a young new talented Illustrator - Maddie Bee !